Called “Matiz” bucket. In Yekaterinburg, avtoledi beat a young mother with a stroller

As a result of the incident, a young mother suffered a concussion and numerous bruises.

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In Yekaterinburg, a motorist beat a young mother who was walking with a baby carriage, according to information portal E1 .

The incident occurred in one of the courtyards of the sleeping area. Daria Egorova returned home after a walk with a small child. According to the woman, all the nearby sidewalks were littered with snow, which made it very difficult to move with a sidecar. Therefore, Daria decided to go to the house through the passage, where at that very moment she turned the red Daewoo Matiz at high speed. Motorist Elena Shulyatikova, passing by, hooked the body of a young mother with a child. Between women, a verbal skirmish ensued, during which the motor vehicles jumped out of the car and attacked the pedestrian with their fists.

As a result of the fight, a young woman received numerous bruises and bruises on her face and body, as well as a concussion of the brain.

Daria Egorova. Photo: ©
Daria Egorova. Photo: ©

Daria Egorova. Photo: ©
Daria Egorova. Photo: ©

“ She was tagging my head and legs.” All I had to do was close. I got the impression that boxers are beating them like that. For example, one of Shulyatikova’s punches gave me a big bruise under the eye. And all this was accompanied by abuse, ”said Daria Egorova.

After the fight, the young mother decided to photograph the offender behind the wheel of a car, for which she stood in front of the car. However, she did not expect a motorist to press the gas pedal. According to eyewitnesses, the avtoledi knocked a woman down and drove her on the hood of her Daewoo Matiz a few meters. Meanwhile, the stroller with the child remained standing on the side of the road.

Elena Shulyatikova. Photo: ©
Elena Shulyatikova. Photo: ©

It is reported that a young woman wrote a statement to the police station. In addition, she decided to obtain a trial. Avtoledi put forward a counter-accusation of damage to property: after the incident, there were scratches, dents on the car, in some places peeling paint.

This is not the first case of an accident involving a young mother in Yekaterinburg. Earlier, Life wrote that an SUV had knocked down three pedestrians on the sidewalk, including a two-year-old child in a wheelchair and his mother.

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