“Crazy cars”. US media rated Russian military equipment

Western journalists were hit by a TMS-65U truck, which is designed to clear chemicals from vehicles.

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The American magazine The Drive rated the TMS-65U truck, which is in service with the Russian army. The machine is used to clean the transport of chemicals and create a smoke screen on the battlefield.

The Ministry of Defense video dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces was the occasion to remember the “jet” truck. In the video in addition to other technology appears and TMS-65U. American columnist Joseph Trevithick noted the effectiveness of trucks.

  • The most unusual sample of video equipment is the TMS-65U with a jet engine installed in the back of the car. The military can use the TMS-65U to clean vehicles of chemicals or create powerful smoke screens to hide the movements of their troops on the battlefield, ”Trevithic said.

According to the expert, TMS-65U occupies an important place in the arsenal of the Russian army.

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