Drunken schoolchildren in South Korea beat up Russian workers

Drunken schoolchildren in South Korea beat up Russian workersSouth Korean police charged three high school students that they beat two Russian citizens. This is reported by the local information portal News1.

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The incident occurred on the morning of January 1 in the city of Tanjin. Two workers from Russia asked the way for a group of teenagers, after which they beat them. Victims were assisted at a local hospital.

The students explained their actions by the fact that the Russians, as it seemed to them, were pestering their girlfriends. The police were able to establish that at the time of the beating the attackers were very drunk.

On December 29, 2018, it was reported that drunk Ukrainian police beat and robbed a passer-by in the city of Kremenchug. On November 9 of the same year, the media told about a group of three drunk transgender people and a woman – they beat a man in the London Underground.

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