Emily Ratakovski may be homeless due to her husband’s drunken brawl

The actor and part-time producer Sebastian Beer-McClard was in an unpleasant situation.
The spouse of the popular model Emily Ratakovski, a 31-year-old producer and actor Sebastian Beer-McClard, faced criticism from neighbors. Those accusing the man of drunken debauches and noisy parties, in connection with which Sebastian can be evicted from his apartment. Reported by Fox .

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It turned out that Sebastian began to disturb his neighbors after settling in an apartment in North Hollywood (California). This happened back in 2015, before exploring the model. Parties took place even after marriage. Because of this, a star couple is wanted to be evicted from rental housing, whose total area exceeds one hundred square meters.

Earlier it was reported that Ratakovski and her millionaire husband are not being deceived into paying rent in New York. To do this, the star couple uses a legal loophole that is designed to protect artists in need.

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