Erdogan declared war on plastic bags

Erdogan declared war on plastic bags

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke about the benefits of cannabis avoseks over plastic bags. His words are conveyed by the Anadolu edition.

Referring to the “Zero Waste” project under the supervision of Erdogan’s wife Emine, the Turkish leader noted that plastic bags do not decompose in the ground even for 1000 years. “We resolutely declare war on them,” he said.

Erdogan also shared memories of his childhood, when his parents wove a string of cannabis. He noted that, unlike packages, they were used many times and also decomposed in the ground. However, at the moment, hemp is no longer produced in the country due to “enemies who pretended to be friends,” and it has to be imported. In this regard, the Turkish president expressed the hope that the production of hemp will resume.

Since January 1, free plastic bags have been banned in Turkey. Restrictions were also introduced in South Korea, where instead of them, now they offer paper or cloth bags to customers .

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