French newspaper suggested Putin’s power

The Russian president is well aware of the geography that distinguishes him against the background of Western leaders who are poorly versed in it.
Russia’s success in the international arena can be attributed to the special quality of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This assumption was made by the author of the French newspaper “Figaro” Laurent Shalar. In his opinion, this quality is an excellent knowledge of the Russian leader in geography.

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“We are talking about the quality of a leader and, in particular, about his knowledge of such an important discipline as geography,” Shalar writes. – In fact, the success of the international strategy of Russia is largely connected with the excellent understanding of geography, Vladimir Putin, who is well acquainted with the political map of the planet and the main features of each country.

The journalist gives several examples. So, in 2017, Vladimir Putin interrupted the speech of the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev, when he spoke about the supply of pork to Indonesia – a Muslim country.

Laurent Shalar believes that Vladimir Putin is demonstrating both the high level of Soviet education and the result of passing the KGB school.

“Unlike Western colleagues, he never starts from the principle that other leaders think the same way as he does: he is aware of the cultural difference in education and mental structure,” adds the journalist.

He calls the President of the Russian Federation a skillful strategist and reproaches Western leaders for their ignorance of geography because of poor education and their complete lack of interest in this issue.

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