From shaving foam to pantyhose. Named top offensive gifts for the New Year

At the same time, etiquette experts are asked not to be offended by the presents, because they have spent time and money on their choice.

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Pantyhose, pans and lotions for shaving are not suitable as Christmas gifts, an expert on etiquette Eleonora Basmanova is sure. She told the agency “Moscow” that you should not buy as gifts for your loved ones.

– For women, the most uninteresting and unattractive gifts are considered to be the standard perfume sets, tights and pans. For men – ties, socks and lotions for shaving. Children don’t like clothes and school supplies as Christmas gifts, ”the etiquette expert said.

If someone left you such a gift under the Christmas tree, you should not accept it with reproach, asks Eleanor Basmanova. After all, the donor, most likely, is simply not familiar with etiquette, but at the same time spent time and money on finding and buying a gift.

Earlier, Life cited the advice of fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev in what dress and what hairstyle to celebrate the New Year.

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