Genetics uncover the main secret of truffles

Researchers found that the ancestor of truffles found in nature existed several hundred million years ago.

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Scientists from the National Institute for Agronomic Research of France were able to decipher the DNA of truffles and found out that the ancestors of modern marsupials grew on Earth about 470–500 million years ago. According to the journal Nature, the researchers found that the approximate period of appearance of new species of fungi is 25-30 million years, after which the genetic composition begins to change.

The researchers found that the last ancestors of fungi were divided into separate species more than 140 million years ago, but still have many common features. All of the species studied by geneticists and biologists have found a strictly limited number of genes encoding enzymes that break down the cell walls of plants. Scientists have found that increased expression of genes (the mechanism by which hereditary information from a gene is converted into RNA or protein) is responsible for the mechanism of formation of color, size and smell, typical of fungi of this species.

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