Girls are different: 5 main types of female genital lips

What does the world know about vaginas? Very little, society seems to pretend that under women’s panties there is nothing at all, like a doll.

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Even porn and erotic magazines show a vanilla picture that is different from reality, just like a silicone breast is different from a natural one. Millions of girls complex because of the “wrong” structure of their labia and even fall under the surgeon’s knife to correct their imaginary flaws.

Elite Daily journalist talked to the former master of wax epilation, who has seen several hundred vaginas for her professional activities. It turned out that there are 5 main types of female genital lips, which in turn are divided into an infinite number of varieties, each of which is the norm.
1. “Barbie”

This is how most people imagine the vagina, but, ironically, this type is the rarest.
In Barbie, the labia majora is completely located in the labia majora. Both those, and others are on the same level with the pelvic bone.
2. “Curtain”

This type of labia is located below the labia majora. Depending on the structure of the girl, they can bulge strongly or just a little.
This is probably the most common type of vagina, often found in many different combinations with other types described below.

3. “Pie”

“Patty” can be very reminiscent of “Barbie”, but the difference is that the “Patty” labia are located below relative to the pubic bone. They can be both elastic and full, and thin and slightly flabby. Many people think that this depends on the age of the woman, but it is not.
4. “Horseshoe”

In Horseshoe, the opening of the vagina occurs wider and higher, thus exposing the labia minora, but just below the labia majora are narrowed. In this type of small labia do not fall below the large.

5. “Tulip”

This type of vagina resembles a flower in its shape, ready to bloom. In this case, the labia minora slightly exposed throughout the length. Unlike the Curtain, in which the inner labia hang down, in Tuln they are on the same level as the outer.

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