Google has figured out how to help the visually impaired. For this you need an application

American corporation launched Lookout. This is a new application for the visually impaired. With the help of artificial intelligence, the program will explain to the person what is happening around him.

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The new application works with Pixel devices (Google deals with their production). Now the application can only be used by residents of the United States, but the company said that they would try to do everything possible to make it available in other countries. Reports about it TC .

The program works by analogy with Google Lens: you need to move the phone to the object, after which the camera will record it and tell everything to the user. The first application is designed to work in situations where people need to ask for help (to read the text, cleaning, going to the store).

Recall that in February, Google has already released similar applications – for the hearing impaired and deaf. For example, the Sound Amplifier application enhances ambient sounds, and the Live Transcribe application records the conversation in real time and displays it with text on the smartphone screen.

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