Grishkovets declared that Shnurov turned into a traitor

According to the writer, only one song “Labuteny” shows that her author “has burned everything to hell in her heart.”
The famous Russian writer and playwright Yevgeny Grishkovets said that the leader of the Leningrad group, Sergei Shnurov, had turned from a “crazy, uncontrollable rock and roll noble robber” to a traitor who despised his fans. He published an interview with one of the Kaliningrad portals in his online diary .

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– I thought that this man would not live even 10 years, so burning himself. But he did not burn himself, but all the living that was inside. Now it is absolutely cynical and despising everything. That person with whom I was friends and admired, he is simply not there! – declared Grishkovets.

In his opinion, the phenomenon of String is that he is a traitor. The writer considers the singer “a cynical businessman from music who knows his audience very well and despises her”. It’s impossible to write “Louboutins” without hating people, he says. The song shows that its author has nothing left in his heart, “everything burned to hell.”

Earlier, Life wrote that Sergey Shnurov with a verse about domestic violence congratulated women on March 8 and received a “fu” from subscribers.

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