Hack in 15 minutes. Most ATMs are vulnerable to hackers.

Experts point out that vulnerabilities in devices do exist, but they do not always mean the possibility of a real attack.
From most ATMs, you can steal money and customer bank card data, and you can hack the device in 15 minutes. It is reported by Kommersant with reference to the study of Positive Technologies.

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As part of the study, all of the 26 models of ATMs found vulnerabilities. For example, if you have access to the ATM service area, attackers in 100% of cases can get the data of the cards that have passed through the card reader, and do it in a short time.

Also, hackers can intercept data from a magnetic strip of a card during their transfer between the ATM and the processing center or between the operating system of the ATM and the card reader.

However, experts believe that now the most dangerous attack on an ATM is still its physical hacking, but most of the large banks have already learned how to deal with logical attacks.

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