Hacker from Humpty Dumpty spoke about cooperation with the FSB

Hacker from Humpty Dumpty spoke about cooperation with the FSBThe hacker Konstantin Teplyakov, who was released from prison ahead of time, reported that the members of the Humpty Dumpty group had collaborated with the FSB . His words are quoted by RBC.

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Open cooperation began in the summer of 2015; since then, cybercriminals have constantly received special instructions from the security forces. “These were verbal recommendations,” Teplyakov specified. The head of the association, Vladimir Anikeev, established contacts with the security forces .

According to Teplyakov, the head often traveled to St. Petersburg and Moscow to clarify some issues, with the majority of the participants in Shaltay-Boltay constantly hiding abroad.

The hacker is sure that the group members started having problems with the law because of a conflict inside the security forces. He called the criminal case against Humpty Dumpty the result of inconsistency between the departments of the FSB.

Teplyakov was released from prison on January 9. The court decided to release him on parole. According to the verdict in September 2017, he and another member of the group were to spend three years in prisons.

The head of “Shaltay Dumpty” Vladimir Anikeev was sentenced in the summer of 2017 to two years in prison. It was reported that he fully admitted guilt and made a deal with the investigation. He was released from prison in August 2018.

The Humpty Dumpty group (also known as Anonymous International) has been hacking into business and government accounts for several years. The information received was merged into a network or sold.

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