“I have homework.” The girl asked Salah to score quickly, and he almost managed

The Egyptian striker managed to distinguish himself, but did it at the very end of the match with Tunisia.
During the qualifying match for the African Cup between the teams of Egypt and Tunisia, a poster with an appeal to a player that has become so popular recently has been broadcast. However, this time a young fan asked not to give her a T-shirt, but to score a goal. The appeal was addressed to the main star of African football – Mohammed Salah.

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“Salah, please, forget it. I want to go home, I still have a home”

  • The inscription on the poster girls

Salah fulfilled the wish of the girl, but only half. He scored a goal, but did it at the very last minute of the game.

After the game, the attacker went to Twitter to apologize for not meeting the expectations of the young fan.

“I tried very hard to let you go home early, sorry that I made you wait until the last minute. I hope your teacher will react to the situation tomorrow with understanding” – Mohammed Salah

Thanks to the goal of Salah, the Egyptian national team won against the Tunisian team with a score of 3: 2. However, the goal did not have a tournament value, both teams had already issued an outlet for the African Cup back in October.

On the account of Salah six goals in twelve matches of the current season of the English Premier League. His “Liverpool” is in second place in the championship.

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