“I was very afraid to pick up some infection.” Ronaldo accused of rape

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What happened?

Cristiano Ronaldo is accused of raping the American model Catherine Mayorga, which allegedly took place in 2009 in Las Vegas. Immediately after the incident, the girl filed a complaint with the police, without naming the rapist. But a year later, she signed an agreement with lawyers Ronaldo about non-disclosure of information, having received for this $ 375 thousand.

Everyone managed to forget about the case, but in 2017 one publication published an investigation in which the events of that very night in Las Vegas were described in detail. And in the fall of this year, the girl herself spoke: under the #MeToo hashtag, victims of sexual violence shared their stories on social networks, and Catherine did not stand aside.

In the end, the Las Vegas police resumed the investigation.

So. Let’s take a closer look

The Ronaldo and Mayorga roads crossed on June 12, 2009 in the Rain VIP area of ​​the Palms Casino Resort hotel in Las Vegas. That summer, he just moved from “MJ” to “Real Madrid”, so he had something to note. Catherine also worked in the club – stood at the bar with other attractive girls and lured guests. Ronaldo was caught in these networks: the paparazzi caught them when they embraced and smiled sweetly at each other. After a few hours, the pages of the yellow newspapers were filled with their photos, and the journalists were desperate to find out who this mysterious brunette was next to a famous football player. But Catherine and Cristiano didn’t care: the party flowed smoothly into a penthouse not far from the hotel that Ronaldo rented.

"I was very afraid to pick up some infection." Ronaldo accused of rape
“I was very afraid to pick up some infection.” Ronaldo accused of rape

There, according to the girl, rape happened. Like it or not, they know only Ronaldo and Mayorga. Only here there is one problem: the versions of what happened they are completely different.

What does mayorga say?

Catherine told the journalist in some detail.

“At the club, he just came up to me, grabbed my hand and said:“ You! Come with me. ” People around him only talked about him, but I did not recognize him. It only seemed to me that I had seen him somewhere before.

First, he introduced me to his entourage: “This is my brother, and this and this one as well.” We talked a little, after which he asked for my number and left. “Okay, okay,” I thought. After some time, a text message came from him: “Hey, take your friends, come to the party to me.” My friend and I went – his house was next door to the hotel. When we entered the lobby, we were told that the party was already over. But he said that it does not matter – we will arrange our own. I pushed her friend in the side and offered to take a picture and leave – there was a cool look.

Everyone started to jump in the jacuzzi. I did not want to crawl into the water, so as not to spoil my dress, but Ronaldo offered me clothes. Looking at my friend who was having fun with might and main, I decided to agree.

I was standing in my panties, when he suddenly entered the bathroom. At some point, I noticed that a penis was sticking out of his shorts. He … he begged me to touch him for 30 seconds. When I said that I was not going to do this, he began to beg me to suck him. What an idiot! I laughed, thought it was just some kind of joke. This guy is so famous and so hot … But in fact – damn loser and psycho.

He did not fall behind: he said that he would not let me go if I did not kiss him. I gave up: “Good. But I will not touch your nasty penis. ” I swear, I kissed him only once and never touched him anymore. But it got him even stronger. He knocked me down and was on top. I began to push him away and shouted: “No!”. At this moment one of his friends went to the bathroom. Seeing us, he asked: “What are you doing?”. I immediately grabbed my dress, put it on and said that we were leaving now. He nodded: “Yes, yes, we are leaving.”

I thought it was over. But no. He shoved me into the room and tried again. “This will not happen!” I said, but Ronaldo did not give up. He tried to take off my underwear, I turned away from him and curled up, trying to protect myself. At that moment he jumped at me. And I kept repeating: “No, no, no, no …”.

He raped me from behind. Yes, we had anal sex. Without condom. Without lubricant.

After Ronaldo had outraged me, he did not want to let me go and he called me everything “baby”, looked guilty with his eyes. As if feeling bad. I don’t really remember, but it seems like he even said “sorry” or something like “does it hurt you?”. And he repeated everything on his knees, that he was 99% a good guy, but with the exception of one percent.

I did not understand how this happened. Everything happened so quickly … At that moment I was very afraid to pick up some infection from him. Thought he had damn AIDS. So I asked directly if he was sick. Ronaldo assured me: “Oh, no, I’m a professional athlete, they check me every three months. If I had something, I would not be able to play. ”

When I left the room, I ran into my girlfriend. Seeing me in such a state, she began to shout: “What did you do to her ?!”. Ronaldo said that everything is fine and in general we are friends.

In the morning a friend called me and said that we were in all the newspapers – they wrote there that I was meeting a famous footballer. The paparazzi caught us at the club, wrote that we were flirting with each other. I started to panic: “This is very bad! This is very bad!”. A friend did not understand why I say that. In the end, I had to say that he raped me. She told me to be careful – the players have a lot of power. ”

After that, Catherine went first to the hospital, where they witnessed signs of rape, then to the police. But, giving testimony, she did not disclose the name of Ronaldo, but simply called him “athlete.”

“Catherine said that after that incident, she was depressed, she had obsessive thoughts, including suicidal thoughts, she also had problems with alcohol, personal life and employment. She was very hard for the last eight to nine years. Right now she is undergoing treatment, and people are helping her and giving her support. She will cope with this, ”Mayorgi said.

And what about Ronaldo?

He naturally has his own version. According to him, sex with a girl was by mutual consent.

“I categorically deny all the charges against me. Rape is a heinous crime that contradicts everything I believe in. In order not to denigrate my name, I refuse to give the media a reason to speculate on the rumors that came up with people wanting to cash in on my name. Therefore, I will calmly wait for the results of the investigation, ”he wrote on his Twitter.

But there is one nuance: in the materials of the investigation from 2009 there are his words that he acted against the will of the girl. “She said no and stop,” the document says.

Is it possible to believe this edition?

Well, everyone decides for himself, but Der Spiegel’s sports editor, Christoph Winterbach, tweeted that he and his team were one hundred percent sure of the facts presented in the investigation.

“We have hundreds of documents from various sources: e-mail, medical reports and police reports. We have collected the whole story: in 2009, Mayorga went to the police with a statement about rape. She said she was too scared to call his name in the police and go to court, because she was afraid of tricks from the fans of Ronaldo. ”

“We have published three articles. After the very first, the Ronaldo Gestifute agency responded with a disturbing statement. It was not only deceitful (they stated that we did not have signed documents and we could not identify Ronaldo, but we proved it), but also indicated that his lawyers did not comply with the terms of the agreement. ”

“Their statement also says that Ronaldo never received a letter from Mayorga, which we quoted. But this was part of the deal: Ronaldo’s lawyers should have read him a letter from the girl. If he really did not know about the letter, the nondisclosure agreement would expire. ”

“In a questionnaire made by Ronaldo’s lawyers, he partially acknowledges the version of Mayorga and says that she didn’t want to, but she made herself available.” In the later version of the questionnaire these answers are not. “

“Lawyer Ronaldo argues that the publication of this material is illegal because it violates Ronaldo’s private rights. Attention! He does not call the article a fake or a journalistic fabrication, he only says that this story is too personal to become public. ”

“This is part of a police report dated June 13, 2009, when Catherine Mayorga called the police and reported on the rape that Cristiano Ronaldo committed. But she refused to give his name. “Type 426” is a police code for sexual assault. “

What’s next?

Las Vegas police are investigating, but so far the details have not reached. If everything is as reported in the article Der Spiegel, for Ronaldo this story can end very sadly.

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