In Canada, the fifth day of legalization ended marijuana

To restrain the crowd of disgruntled buyers, who spent hours waiting for their turn for scarce goods, the police helped the sellers.
An interesting situation has developed in Canada, where the law on the legalization of marijuana came into force on October 17. The head of the state program that oversees the free circulation of this drug in the country, Bill Blair announced that all cannabis has ended in stores.

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According to him, the authorities could not immediately meet the demand of all comers, but the local infrastructure is well-developed and the supply process will soon improve.

Note that the demand in this case is really ahead of the offer. The lines in front of specialty stores reached record sizes, so the police had to patrol these areas.

As Life previously reported, an hour after the legalization of the drug – early in the morning of October 17 – the Canadian police issued the first fine for the illegal use of marijuana. The offender will have to pay 672 Canadian dollars ($ 517) for using cannabis in a vehicle. The logic of the ban is as follows: like alcohol, marijuana is legal in Canada, but, as in the case of alcohol, its use behind the wheel is illegal.

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