In Kiev, in connection with the “debate” Poroshenko increased security

Currently, the situation in the center of the Ukrainian capital is calm, the traffic is free.

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In the center of Kiev, they increased the security in the area of ​​the national sports complex “Olympic”, where Petro Poroshenko is going to arrive today. Reports about it RIA “News” .

As noted, the situation in the city is calm, the traffic is free. Around the stadium are on duty the National Guard under military and reinforced police squads.

Recall, after the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine, comedian Vladimir Zelensky summoned Petro Poroshenko to the debates, which were scheduled for April 19 at the Olympic Stadium. The showman intends to ask the opponent questions that have accumulated among voters. Poroshenko accepted the challenge of the opponent, but later began to argue that the event should take place on the 14th.

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