In Moscow, surprised by the refusal of Tokyo to hold a joint briefing

In Moscow, surprised by the refusal of Tokyo to hold a joint briefingThe Russian diplomacy called this position information forcing the situation.
Official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, said on the TV channel ” Russia 1 ” that the department was surprised by the decision of Japan not to hold a general press conference on the results of the talks in Moscow scheduled for January 14.

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“The biggest surprise for us was the fact that on the eve of bilateral negotiations, the Japanese colleagues asked not to hold a joint press conference on its results. ”

The diplomat called this approach of Japanese colleagues strange and contradictory.

“On the one hand, information pressurization before negotiations, the creation of a nervous atmosphere both in Japan and in general on this agenda, and on the other hand, there is no desire to go to the press after the talks and tell how they ended. ”

The meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia and Japan will be held tomorrow morning. As noted earlier in the Russian Foreign Ministry, the key condition for resolving the peace treaty problem is Tokyo’s unconditional recognition of the outcome of the Second World War in full, including the sovereignty of the Russian Federation over the southern Kuriles.

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