In Russia, began to sell tickets for the reserved seat “from the future”

Tickets to the updated car can be purchased now. The price for them, in comparison with the previous cars, has not changed.
In Russia, ticket sales started in a new second-class carriage, which will run in the directions Rostov-on-Don – Moscow and Anapa – Moscow.

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Photo: © L! FE / Alexey Litvinov
Photo: © L! FE / Alexey Litvinov

“On the first flight with passengers, he will leave from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow on March 18, and from Moscow on March 19 to Anapa,” the Russian Railways press service reports.

The company claims that passengers will be provided with a “new level of comfort” for the same money. The “new level” consists in organizing the space using individual curtains, couches with headrests, electrical outlets and USB ports. In addition, the cars “from the future” are equipped with filters with hot and cold water, shower and hairdryer.

Earlier, the general director of Russian Railways, Oleg Belozerov, announced the creation of new, capsular type on the basis of common and second-class cars, in which even vending machines will be installed.

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