In Sovfede responded to the call of Brazil and the United States to Russia to stop supporting Maduro

Earlier, Washington and Brasilia agreed to continue work on confronting the political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.
US attempts to overthrow the legitimately elected heads of state plunge countries into civil wars. This was stated by a member of the Committee of the Federation Council on international affairs Sergey Tsekov in an interview with RT .

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– The United States, overthrowing the legitimately elected leaders of states, plunges these countries into civil wars. Just look at Syria, Libya and Iraq. The activities of the United States cause great harm to the world community , said Tsekov.

According to him, unlike the United States, the support and firm position of Russia in relation to other states and, in particular, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro led to the stabilization of the situation in the country and the end of conflicts.

Tsekov added that it was up to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to be addressed “with a demand to stop protecting a person who illegally declared himself president of Venezuela,” referring to oppositionist Juan Guaydo.

Earlier, Washington and Brasilia issued a statement in which they agreed to continue work on confronting the crisis in Venezuela, and called on Russia to stop supporting Nicolas Maduro.

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