In Sovfede responded to the transfer of Kiev letters of Peter I

Senator Franz Klintsevich noted that the document transmitted by Berlin is the property of the “Russian state”.
Frants Klintsevich, a member of the Committee of the Council of the Federation on Defense and Security, called the transfer of letters from Peter I to Germany an attempt to influence the results of the presidential elections in Ukraine.

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In a post on Facebook, the senator wrote about Berlin’s direct intervention “in the internal affairs of Ukraine” and recalled that the document on the appointment of the Kiev Metropolitan is the property of the “Russian state”.

The certificate was lost during the Second World War, and since the end of the 1950s it has been in the library of the Institute for the Study of the History of Eastern Europe and Regional Studies of the University of Tübingen.

In March 2019, the document was handed over to the Ukrainian side, and on April 13, arrived in Kiev from Germany. Diploma promised to put in the national reserve “Sofia Kiev”.

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