In the Federation Council told why Sweden wants to send a Russian diplomat

According to Senator Oleg Morozov, this is another unfriendly action by foreign countries.
Any expulsions of diplomatic representatives from countries have two reasons: the first is real information regarding a particular person engaged in intelligence activities, the second is a banal unfriendly action. This opinion was expressed by Oleg Morozov, a member of the Federation Council of Russia, in a conversation with Life, commenting on the demand from the Swedish Foreign Ministry that the Russian Embassy should leave the diplomat associated with a man previously detained on suspicion of allegedly spying for Moscow.

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In the first case, the senator notes, very strong evidence is presented that is difficult to refute.

“ Or, as is often the case, it’s more of a political unfriendly action, when any employee of the diplomatic department can be disguised as a person who is allegedly engaged in activities that are incompatible with his diplomatic status, intelligence activities, and the like ,” the source said.

Morozov added, since such cases have recently become quite frequent and, as a rule, unmotivated, then we have to assume that this is an unfriendly action.

“ Remember with a hint of such a story in Austria, which was forgotten,” it turned out that it was based on inaccurate data obtained from a third party , a member of the Federation Council reminded.

According to him, Russia has already dealt with a similar plot, when “they first do, then they look for excuses, arguments, and all this is simply put in the treasury of such unfriendly mutual relations, unfriendly actions against Russia.”

Recall, Sweden had previously reported the detention of an agent “recruited by Russia”. Later in the media appeared information about the ” second delayed spy .” In early March, the first suspect was arrested .

In connection with the scandal of the Swedish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador Viktor Tatarintsev. The kingdom diplomacy demanded that the Russian Embassy leave a diplomat associated with a man previously detained on suspicion of spying for Moscow.

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