In the Superman comic book, Putin, who declared war on the United States, and the Kremlin’s explosion were shown.

In the eighth edition of the DC Comics Doomsday Clock comic series, Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared, ready to start a war with the United States because of the death of Russians caused by the American superhero Fire Storm. Issue published on the site readcomiconline .

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In the comic, Putin speaks on Red Square in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral next to a tank and a group of military men. Near the head of state are also Russian superheroes. He accuses the United States of aggression and reports the beginning of the war. The president’s speech is interrupted by Superman, who descends from heaven and tries to convince Putin that the Fire Storm is not to blame for the incident, and that affected people (they were accidentally turned into glass) can be brought back to life. From the sky, Batman watches the scene and over the radio warns Superman not to take sides in this conflict.

Then, a Fire Storm appears on the square, at which the military open fire, touching the glassy Russians. Superman is trying to stop the conflict, but Russian superheroes interfere with it. The hero neutralizes opponents, then turn over the tank. The result of the fight is an explosion caused by the Firestorm, which erases Red Square and everything around. Putin has time to leave the scene.

Earlier it was reported that in the same issue found the victim of Himataka “Russian puppet Assad.”

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