In the SVR of Ukraine refuted the appointment of the person involved in the case of state treason as the head of the department

As noted, a new leader or acting one can be appointed only by presidential decree.
The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (SVRU) denied the information of the media about the appointment of the first deputy department Sergey Semochko as acting head of the SVRU. It is reported by the press service of the Ministry.

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“ Now, the HSRU is working in a regular mode, and the working coordination is ensured by the first deputy chairman, Alekseenko, Andrei Viktorovich ,” it was reported.

The SVRU called on the agency to cancel the message, noting that the media did not give any comments.

Earlier, a criminal case was initiated against the deputy head of foreign intelligence of Ukraine, Sergey Semochko, under the article of the State Treasurer after the facts about his illegal enrichment appeared.

Life reported that the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko dismissed the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

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