In the UK, cows were milked using 5G

Animals enjoy the benefits of fifth generation mobile communications before regular users.
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These special 5G-enabled collars allow milking of cows by robots, without any human help via @ReutersTV

19:50 – 12 апр. 2019 г.
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At one of the British farms cows were put on collars with 5G technology, reports Reuters .

Collars control the robotic milking system for animals. When a cow ready for milking approaches the milking equipment, they open automatically, the animal receives treat.

“We are testing the ability of 5G to transfer data from our sensors much faster, and not through farm computers and a slow broadband Internet connection, ” one of the developers said.

It is noted that gadgets do not harm animals.

Earlier, Life reported that the inhabitants of South Korea began to use the fifth generation mobile communications in the world .

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