In the US, revealed serious problems in the army

The US Army is experiencing an acute shortage of military personnel – their numbers are now at the lowest level since the end of World War II. Experts call this a serious problem that requires an immediate solution, otherwise the country will not be able to counter the five main threats – China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and terrorism. This is reported by the magazine National Interest.

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It also requires more resources and technology, experts emphasize. For example, the US Navy notes that 355 ships are required to carry out a national defense strategy, and only 286 are at their disposal. The Air Force needs 386 squadrons, but there are only 312. There are 500,000 soldiers in the land forces, the army leadership says service 476 thousand. Experts have been saying this for many years, explains the publication.

According to the magazine, the number of troops and their combat power was affected by the reduction of the defense budget. Since 2011, army spending has decreased by $ 539 billion.

Other weaknesses of the armed forces called the lack of a strategy to combat Russia and China, as well as the inadequacy of the American presence in Europe and the Indo-Pacific region.

Earlier it was reported that the United States spent on the war about 5.9 trillion dollars. This amount includes not only money spent by the Pentagon, but also “expenses related to the war from the State Department”. These include funds for the care of war veterans, interest on the debt for the war, the prevention of terrorist acts and response to them.

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