In the USA, a farmer died from the claws of his own bird, the cassowary

Law enforcement officers are investigating and regard the incident as an accident.
In the US state of Florida 75-year-old farmer was killed in an attack of the kind of bird cassowaries, reports of The Gainesville of Sun .

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Marvin Hadjos entered the cage where a large flightless bird was kept to feed it. Rescuers believe that the elderly man stumbled and fell, after which the cazuar clung to him with his giant claws.

The farmer was taken to hospital, where he died from injuries inflicted on him. The police is investigating the circumstances of the incident. Militiamen regard the incident as an accident.

As noted, Khadzhoz has been engaged in exotic animals for decades, including keeping llamas on the farm.

Cassowals live in the tropical forests of New Guinea and in northeastern Australia; their weight can exceed 45 kilograms. These birds can reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour, and their claws are about 12 centimeters long.

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