India leases from Russia the second “aircraft carrier killer”

According to the media, rent for up to 10 years can cost the Indian military $ 3.3 billion.
The publication Idia Today reports that the Indian Navy can lease an atomic multi-purpose submarine, the main purpose of which is to fight against aircraft carriers and other enemy warships. Currently, the Indian Navy uses another Russian submarine “Nerpa” project 971I “Shchuka-B”. The submarine was leased for 10 years in 2011, and the contract amount, including maintenance costs, was $ 2.5 billion.

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It is reported that the new “Pike-B” can be selected from two submarines currently undergoing deep modernization at the Zvezdochka ship repair plant in Severodvinsk. The lease is not specified, but the amount is already known – the rent of the second submarine will cost India $ 3.3 billion. Earlier, Life wrote that the US military experts published a plausible scheme of a nuclear submarine with a deep-sea strike complex “Poseidon”.

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