Interior Ministry will check the placement of the police “human shield” from cars near Vladimir

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia sent a commission to the Vladimir region to study the circumstances of the driver’s arrest on the M-7 Volga highway by setting up a “human shield” from cars by traffic police officers. This is reported on the site office.

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It is noted that the commission will examine the available materials, including eyewitness testimony, and will assess the actions of the traffic police in this situation. If facts of violation of laws and regulations are established, officials will be brought to disciplinary responsibility.

Earlier, local media reported that on the eve of the State Traffic Police officers organized a human shield from the cars of citizens to detain the offender. As a result, several cars suffered.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Vladimir region, the driver did not fulfill the police request to stop, DPS outfits were targeted for his detention. The ministry said that the driver encountered moving cars along the way, made dangerous maneuvers and did not respond to the demands, and therefore the police blocked the traffic. Later, the driver was able to detain, they turned out to be a taxi driver from Volgograd, who repeatedly violated the traffic rules. “As a result of the driver’s actions, four vehicles were mechanically damaged, no injuries were reported,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs added.

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