Laying rails on the Crimean bridge is already half completed

In the future, the seams between the sections will be brewed, forming 440-meter continuous butts.
The builders laid half the railway track on the Crimean bridge in both directions. This was told to journalists by the head of the contracting organization for the construction of the Crimean Bridge, Yevgeny Chibyshev.

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– Almost 19 kilometers of 38 rail grids laid on the Crimean bridge. That is we reached the equator , – Chibyshev declared.

He also stressed that in the future the seams between sections will be brewed, forming 440-meter continuous butts. After that, 84 sets of special equalizing joints will be installed between them, which will relieve tension in the metal of the rails with temperature drops.

With the help of the rail grid, which is installed through a layer of waterproofing, it will be possible to protect metal structures from corrosion.

The railway is designed for the movement of trains weighing up to 7100 tons. On the day she will be able to pass up to 47 trains on the Crimean Bridge.

Earlier, Life said that the first train on the bridge will be held on December 8.

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