Lewinsky revealed the secret of attracting the attention of the President

Monica Lewinsky, who became famous after the sex scandal with former US President Bill Clinton, told how she was able to attract his attention. She stated this in a documentary, reports TVNZ.

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She remembered how their affair began and what tricks she resorted to in order to keep his interest. Lewinsky admitted that she had been wearing the same outfit for several days in order to be remembered by the American president.

“We had a holiday for Bill on the south lawn of the White House. I did a strange thing: at lunchtime I ran home and put on a green suit, which I had the day before and in which he first noticed me. I thought maybe he would single me out again, and that’s what happened, ”she shared, calling her act stupid.

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On November 14, it became known that Lewinsky was ready to apologize again to his ex-wife, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She believes that the former president should also be willing to apologize. The participant of the sex-scandal refused to apologize to Lewinsky. He pointed out that if he had been the American leader in 2018, even in the light of the anti-sexual violence movement, #MeToo would have done everything the same way as two decades ago.

Clinton was President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. His novel from Lewinski’s internship at the White House became known in 1998. The head of state at first openly denied relations, and then confessed that he was in intimate connection with her. The president was accused of perjury and an impeachment procedure was launched against him, however, according to a vote in the Senate, Clinton was found not guilty.

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