Milonov told the police about the attack on the parking lot. But not so simple

According to the deputy, the evacuators provoked the conflict, who allegedly refused to return the car to the owner. But they deny everything.

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State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov filed a statement with the law enforcement agencies. He claims that physical force was used against him in the St. Petersburg car parking lot. As the politician himself told the telegram channel Life Shot , he helped his friend pick up the evacuated car. But soon there was a conflict with the parking staff, because the appearance of the car did not match what it was when the car was evacuated.

– The first thing I noticed was drunk evacuator employees who drank alcohol. The administrator behaved inadequately. He said that they only store cars, and another firm delivers them. We believe that the car was evacuated without a police officer (they are not visible in the photo) and the protocol was also drawn up without him in another place. In the photo – the car is clean, at the car park it is all muddy, that is, probably, they drove by car. No one takes any claims. They say call the boss on the phone that does not work. When I began to find out, they called the chief who ordered to expel us from there , – Vitaly Milon declared.

The deputy did not specify whether he received any injuries or injuries as a result of the incident, but noted that now everything is fine with him.

For their part, the employees of the car parking penalty categorically deny reports of an attack on Milonov. As the participant of the conflict of 31-year-old Ivan Bezmennikov quotes the telegram channel ” Mash on the Moika “, the man did not even think to use force against the parliamentarian, especially since he immediately recognized him. The parking clerk clarified that he communicated with Vitaly Milonov and his friend politely and correctly, but when they tried to break into the parking lot, the deputy was only squeezed by the door.

The Investigation Committee began checking in fact reports of a possible attack on State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov at the parking lot in St. Petersburg, according to R T. Investigators will have to establish all the circumstances of the conflict. Based on the results of the audit, an appropriate legal decision will be taken.

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