Money for the Russian space telescope stolen

Money for the Russian space telescope stolenThe police is investigating a criminal case about embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the creation of the T-170M space telescope, which, according to the developers, should be a direct competitor to the American Hubble. About this, citing sources, reports “Kommersant”.

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The case of fraud on a large scale was initiated in December, the FSB officers are also involved in the investigation . According to investigators, more than 28.5 million rubles have been stolen, but the amount of the alleged damage may increase.

It is known that this money was allocated to the Inkos enterprise under contracts with the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the manufacture of technical equipment for telescope mirrors and various scientific instruments, as well as for special work. However, in reality, according to law enforcement agencies , all work was carried out by employees of the Lavochkin Scientific-Production Association , which, in partnership with the Institute of Astronomy, was assigned to create a telescope. In general, the creation of various elements of the telescope allocated two billion rubles.

Roscosmos , which includes an NGO, declined to comment on the merits of the investigation.

The launch of the space observatory was planned for 1997, but the project is still not functioning. In the summer of 2018, Roskosmos announced the postponement of the launch of the basic elements of the complex to 2024.

The developers suggest that the observatory is able to provide a breakthrough in astronomy and astrophysics, giving scientists new opportunities to explore space and various objects in it. The main element of the complex should be a super powerful telescope T-170M.

Russian President Vladimir Putin , as reported by TASS , in August 2018 set the task to bring the rocket and space industry to a new level of quality.

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