NASA warned people about the beginning of a global catastrophe

American experts believe that the melting of the Arctic ice – the first sign of the imminent onset of irreversible changes on the planet.
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory reports that the multi-year arctic ice cover has almost melted, and thin ice takes its place, which will almost completely disappear in the warm months. The relevant study is published on the agency website.

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Scientists believe that global warming and the processes of shifting climatic zones made the ice in the Arctic much thinner – “young” ice became three times thinner than old ice and on most Arctic glaciers turned from permanent into seasonal. Scientists note that up to 70 percent of the Arctic ice is seasonal, and the total area of ​​”old” ice has decreased by 2 million square meters. kilometers

Climatologists and biologists believe that a global catastrophe, which causes an increase in ambient temperature, leads to the death of the Arctic ecosystem. As a result, not only whole animal species, but also unique microorganisms can disappear from the face of the Earth.

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