A hacker from Humpty Dumpty accused the FSB of protecting

A hacker from Humpty Dumpty accused the FSB of protectingHackers from the organization “Humpty Dumpty” gave the FSB part of the money received from the sale of information. About this in an interview with the TV channel “Rain” said the former member of the group Konstantin Teplyakov, early released from prison.

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“Some kind of protection was guaranteed, inviolability, and yes, it was necessary to share finances,” he said. Details of financial relations Teplyakov did not disclose.

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The cybercriminal explained that Vladimir Anikeev, the leader of Shaltai Dumpty, established contacts with the Russian intelligence service . According to Teplyakov, he must notify the FSB about the upcoming “plum” on this or that person, and received instructions for further action. “There were such episodes when, from the other side, respectively, there were some arrays of information,” he added.

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Earlier, Teplyakov said that the open cooperation of hackers with the FSB began in the summer of 2015.

The Humpty Dumpty group (also known as Anonymous International) has been hacking into business and government accounts for several years. The information received was merged into a network or sold. The head of “Shaltay Dumpty” Vladimir Anikeev was sentenced in the summer of 2017 to two years in prison. It was reported that he fully admitted guilt and made a deal with the investigation. He was released from prison in August 2018.

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