Russian public utilities made a mistake in the payment of 12 million

Russian public utilities made a mistake in the payment of 12 millionIn the Volgograd region, there have been inspections of the activities of management companies (MC), which revealed multi-million violations. This was reported on the website of the regional administration.

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The inspections of the activities of the Criminal Code carried out by the regional Goszhilinspektsiy in 2018 showed that at least 14.2 thousand violations were committed by public utilities in the region over the year.

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As a result of the inspection, 3.4 thousand cases of administrative offenses were initiated, over a thousand employees of the Criminal Code were brought to justice. The total amount of fines imposed on the Volgograd public utilities reached 43.2 million rubles.

The residents of the region who suffered from erroneous charges were recalculated in the amount of 12 million rubles.

“To date, 17 licenses of [regional management companies] have already been revoked, another six claims are pending before the arbitration court. The measures applied contribute to the formation of a market of bona fide management organizations in the region, ”the administration reports.

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In December 2018, Russian singer Lolita Milavskaya expressed dissatisfaction with the calculation of the amount of utility bills . “Then a letter came with a debt for major repairs … by 260 thousand! I considered that before it began in 2041, the cost of a new house would be removed from me !!! … If I live! And I wanted to finish the year without debts, ”Milyavskaya wrote in the social network, specifying that she was not going to repay the debt.

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