With a businessman dealt with the wolf traps

With a businessman dealt with the wolf trapsIn the Chelyabinsk region, the murder of a local businessman, the body of which was found in the woods on January 5, is solved This was in the Thursday, January 10, reported the press service of the regional management of the Investigative Committee .

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A 49-year-old resident of the city of Karabash was arrested on suspicion of a crime.

According to investigators, on January 4, a 51-year-old entrepreneur on a snowmobile drove into the forest near the village of Tielga and met a suspect there who was checking wolf traps. A quarrel arose between the men on the basis of long-term hostile relations: the suspect assumed that the victim was involved in the arson of his hunting lodge. During the altercation, the hunter shot a businessman out of his gun. To hide the murder, he buried the body in the snow, and the snowmobile of the deceased was driven away and burned.

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Currently, the detainee is charged, by a court decision, he was taken into custody.

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