The British were selling natural fur under the guise of artificial

The British were selling natural fur under the guise of artificialBoohoo, a British online store, sold a natural fur sweater under the guise of faux and attracted public attention. Reported by the Independent.

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Employees of the international organization for the protection of animals Humane Society International (HSI) noticed the “jumper with pompoms made of artificial fur” and sent him for examination. As a result, it turned out that the thing was really decorated with details from natural rabbit fur.

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HSI filed a complaint with the UK Advertising Standards Authority, which, after its own checks, caught the Boohoo brand in producing misleading advertising.

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The retailer took the sweater off the sale, however it is still visible on the site with the mark “sold out”.

In November 2018, clothing and accessories made of rabbit, fox and raccoon dogs were found in large British stores opposing natural fur. One of the eBay clients ordered a faux-fur pompon hat, but as a result of the examination it turned out that the pom-pom was made of raccoon fur.

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