Putin and Lukashenko argued over the price of Russian gas

As the Russian leader noted, Belarus today pays $ 129 per thousand cubic meters, and next year it will pay 127. At the same time, the price for Germany is $ 250.

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko outraged because of the price of Russian gas. During the EurAsEC meeting, he complained that Russia, in his opinion, sells gas to Belarus at inflated prices. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, reminded his colleague that the price of gas for Belarus is much lower than the market price.

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As Putin noted, today Belarus pays $ 129 per thousand cubic meters, and the next will pay 127. At the same time, the price for Germany is $ 250. Lukashenko did not agree, saying that Belarus has worse conditions than Germany, and Putin has “wrong calculations”.

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“Like and fought against Germany together, and our people who have not died after the war have such a situation,” the Belarusian leader said.

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Putin proposed to discuss the issue in more detail behind the scenes, but agreed that the parties need to develop a plan for moving to a single market.

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