S & P appreciated the impact of possible new US sanctions on Russia’s rating

According to the agency’s forecast, the most stringent measures may concern state-owned banks and the purchase of a new sovereign debt.
Possible new US sanctions against the Russian Federation will be quite selective and will affect individual citizens and companies, but will bypass the systemically important banks. This forecast was made by the international rating agency S & P.

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“Russia is quite capable of absorbing shocks from such sanctions without negatively affecting the rating,” said S & P director Karen Varapetov at a press conference.

According to analysts, the most stringent measures may affect state-owned banks and restrictions on the purchase of new sovereign debt. The effect of these measures on the Russian macroeconomy can be quite strong, they believe in a rating agency. According to the S & P forecast, sanctions will have a negative impact not only on the Russian economy, but also on international investors who have invested in Russian financial assets.

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Varapetov recalled that the next S & P committee on the sovereign rating of the Russian Federation should be held in January 2019. At the same time, the agency maintains the forecast for Russia’s GDP growth for 2018 at the level of 1.8%, in 2019 the economic growth dynamics will slow to 1.7%.

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