A man went down to the Paris metro with a goat and stopped the train

A man with a goat in his arms caused quite a stir in the metro of the French capital.
The situation occurred on November 13th. The driver had to stop the train on the first line of the metro in Paris. The reason – a man with a goat in his arms, who did not want to leave the car.

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When the passengers could not get him out of the train, they decided to call the police. After the man saw the police, he tried to escape, but he was arrested on the spot.

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Later it was established that the man had stolen a goat. The movement of trains was able to resume after the man was detained. However, because of this, many passengers are late for work.

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Recall that in the metro of Paris is forbidden to go down with a goat. You can only transport dogs, but their size is also limited.

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