Cold weapons and a can of gasoline taken away from the student in the Volgograd region

An eighth-grader brought cold weapons and a fuel canister into the office of one of the schools in the Volgograd Region, but the teacher took them away from him. In response, the student drank an unspecified substance and was hospitalized with poisoning. Reports about it RIA “News”.

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According to information received from law enforcement officers, the condition of the student now does not cause concern, the doctors washed his stomach and will soon be released home. It is noted that he is not registered in the juvenile affairs unit. Other students are not injured.

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In addition, an inspection of all educational institutions was organized in the region, and a large-scale pedagogical meeting was held with the participation of principals from all schools of the municipality. SU IC of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Volgograd region are checking.

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  1. Es ist fantastischen, dass Siie auch Ideen aus dieser article sowie unserer Argumentatiion gemacht an dieser Stelle.

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