For eight hours a Moscow taxi driver tried to return the purse to a passenger and burst into tears

In Moscow, a taxi driver from Kyrgyzstan waited for a passenger for eight hours to return her forgotten wallet. The girl posted a story about it on her Facebook page.

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Varya Bortsova flew to Moscow at five in the morning and took a taxi home. Waking up the next day at about one in the afternoon, she found that she had left a purse with money, documents, and bank cards in the car. The girl tried to find the driver through the support service, but they could not help her there. “For the next half hour, in a panic, I imagined how the Russian mafia stole my identity and arranged a party in Sochi for my savings,” Bortsova wrote. Her father looked out the window and saw a man at the door who turned out to be a taxi driver.

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Finding a forgotten wallet, the man also contacted the taxi center call center, but the passenger data was not preserved. Then he returned to the girl’s house and waited there for more than eight hours, trying to find residents of the porch who had known her. When Bortsova finally left the house, they both burst into tears. “How much can you sleep? I’m cold! ”Said the driver. In gratitude, the girl gave him an amount five times the cost of the trip.

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In September in Australia, a taxi driver returned a wedding ring to a man worth 25 thousand Australian dollars to a man. The driver refused the award and explained that he was just doing his job.

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