One man survived a Boeing crash in Iran

One man survived a Boeing crash in IranOne person survived the crash of a Boeing 707 military cargo plane in the suburbs of the Iranian capital Tehran. This was reported by representatives of the army, reports Reuters .

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In total, there were 16 crew members on the plane, all of them are Iranians. As noted, 15 of them died, the flight engineer managed to survive. He was taken to hospital.

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It is also reported that a black box was found at the scene, recording the negotiations in the cockpit.

The Boeing 707, owned by the Iranian army, was carrying cargo from Bishkek to Karej in a suburb of Tehran. He was supposed to land at Payam Airport, but began landing at Fatah Airport, owned by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). As a result, the plane rolled out over the end of the runway, hit the wall next to the apartment building and caught fire.

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The causes of the incident are still unknown. It was previously reported that the pilot’s actions could lead to a catastrophe.

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