Netanyahu threatened Hamas with “extremely painful” blows

Netanyahu threatened Hamas with “extremely painful” blows
Netanyahu threatened Hamas with “extremely painful” blows

Israel promised to deliver “extremely painful” strikes on the territory of the Gaza Strip, if members of the Palestinian movement Hamas did not stop armed clashes with military personnel on the border of the Jewish state. This statement was made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a speech at the opening of the weekly government meeting.

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The head of the Cabinet reminded that earlier on Friday, Israel had already attacked a group of Palestinians who had infiltrated the territory of the country from the Gaza Strip, however, in his words, the “warning” was not perceived properly.

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“If they have at least a drop of common sense, Hamas will immediately cease fire and violence.”

Recall, as the site wrote, a few days earlier, Israel re-launched one of its anti-missile systems near the border with Palestine. The reason was the false alarm siren alert. In fact, there were no attacks from the Gaza Strip.

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