“Our people hear it every 15 minutes.” Israeli envoy turned on siren to UN

Thus, he wanted to illustrate the situation that now exists in his country.
The Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN, Dani Danon, during a speech at a briefing for journalists, demonstrated the sound of a siren that sounds in his country during Palestinian shelling. He told about it in “Twitter”.

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“This is the sound that our citizens hear every 15 minutes,” he said, and brought a mobile phone with audio recording on to the microphone.

It is noteworthy that when journalists asked him why the Israeli military carried out an operation on Palestinian territory, after which the Palestinians began firing, Danon said that they defended their homeland there.

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“When you know that someone is digging a tunnel, planning an attack, kidnapping, you take measures for protection.” And we will continue to take them, no matter where it will take place, ”he said.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has flared up to a maximum in the last four years. Over the past day, more than 400 missiles were fired from Palestine against Israel; in response, the Israeli military struck a hundred and fifty attacks. Reported dead and injured on both sides.

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