Paruby asked the US Senate to introduce new sanctions against Russia

The speaker of the Ukrainian parliament also stressed the need to fully implement the existing restrictions on our country.

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Verkhovna Rada Speaker Andrei Paruby asked US Vice President Mike Pence to introduce additional energy and financial sanctions against Russia after the incident in the Black Sea. As reported on the website of the Ukrainian parliament, Paruby sent Pens a letter in which he called on the US Senate to take decisive action.

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“In particular, the full implementation of existing and the imposition of new sanctions against the Russian Federation,” the Rada website says.

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Recall the incident in the Black Sea occurred on November 25, when three Ukrainian ships violated the border of Russia and moved to the Kerch Strait. Soon the court was detained, and during the interrogation, the Ukrainian sailors admitted provocation. They were arrested for two months. After that, Ukraine imposed martial law for 30 days in areas with access to the sea. In addition, Ukraine was banned from entering Russian men aged 16 to 60 years. And for the rest of the entering Russians introduced a mandatory interview.

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