Trump is preparing to compete with Russia in the energy market

US President Donald Trump said he intends to compete with Russia in the energy market.

The American leader believes that the US can develop in the energy sector.

“Look at my energy policy … I am making our country open to natural gas and oil. For Russia, this is a competition, ”the American leader said in an interview.

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Trump also said that before him, no leader had raised the issue that Germany was paying Russia «billions of dollars» for gas.

In addition, the US president recalled that no one was «tougher» towards the Kremlin than he.

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Earlier, in September of this year, Donald Trump called on the OPEC countries to reduce oil prices.

“We are protecting the countries of the Middle East, they would not be safe for long without us, and yet they continue to insist on higher and higher oil prices. OPEC monopoly should lower prices now! ”Trump wrote in his Twitter account.

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