Turkey has evidence of murder of a journalist in the consulate of Saudi Arabia

Turkey has evidence of murder of a journalist in the consulate of Saudi Arabia
Turkey has evidence of murder of a journalist in the consulate of Saudi Arabia

The Turkish authorities handed over audio and video recordings to American officials, which confirm that Washington Post columnist Jamal Hashkaji was killed at a consulate in Saudi Arabia in Istanbul.

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“On the recording you can hear his voice and the voices of people speaking Arabic. You can also hear him being interrogated, tortured, and then killed, ”one official said. According to the second source, they hear how the journalist was beaten.

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Another official told the publication that after the assassination of Hashkaji, the security team of the consulate allegedly went to the house of the Saudi Arabia Consul General, where staff were asked to leave home from work earlier.

Recall, journalist and columnist Jamal Hashkaji often wrote for the publication of critical articles about Saudi Arabia, from which he had previously left, fearing persecution. On October 2, he came to the country’s consulate in Istanbul to get the necessary documents for marriage. After that, he was not seen.

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The Turkish agency Anadolu claimed that on that day 15 Saudi Arabians left the country on two planes, including official representatives of the kingdom, who were also in the consulate building.

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud in an interview called the charges baseless and said that Turkish security officials would be allowed to search the consulate, since diplomats have nothing to hide.

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