In Altai, found a tiara from a mammoth tusk age of 50 thousand years

The oldest diadems, according to scientists, are considered to be a very rare find all over the world.
A large fragment of an ancient Paleolithic diadem from a mammoth tusk about 45–50 thousand years old was found by archaeologists in the famous Denis cave in Altai. About it reports the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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“A large fragment of an ancient tiara of the Paleolithic epoch from a mammoth tusk about 45–50 thousand years old has been discovered,” the report says.

The tiara was broken even when used or shortly after it. It is not decorated with an ornament, and therefore, it was hardly a cult decoration. According to experts, the ancient man wore this headband to maintain hair.

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Earlier, a small fragment of the frontal part of the ornamented tiara was found in the Denisova Cave. This suggests that the ancient inhabitants of the Denisova Cave wore diadems for thousands of years and probably produced them themselves.

The junior researcher of the institute Alexander Fedorchenko noted in the message that the most ancient diadems are a very rare find not only in the Denisova cave, but also in the world.

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And in the suburbs previously discovered a mammoth skull with a treasure inside.

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